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January 01, 2009


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I'm following this too, and I've picked my word as well. It's NURTURE. As in, nurturing my relationships with my husband and kids, nurturing our home and making it the sanctuary we need it to be, and nurturing my body instead of taking care of everyone else until I'm completely spent.


As a pop-culture fan, I recently read that Rummer Willis had "be present" or something like that tatooed on her side. I thought about the word choice - what word would I choose? Dunno. Then I read your post about your word and thought some more. I like the idea of finding joy in where we are, when we are there - not longing for past or future. With my girls who are 2.5, I rarely say "I can't wait until..." because I love that they are tiny little big girls. I love right now. I love that I can say that today. I hope you are loving right now too.

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