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May 03, 2010


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JEALOUS!!! Oh my gosh! That's you standing there with Mary Engelbreit!!! Squeee!

I can't wait to hear the next installment!

Michelle M White

It was great to meet you! Wasn't that all so much fun?!? See you in San Diego?


You will definitely see me in San Diego, Michelle! My husband is resigned to a crafty side trip during a football weekend getaway! LOL


It was a lovely weekend, mostly because of the meeting of people like You. (ok, plus all the gorgeous projects people made)


I do love it when it's all about me! And the lovely things we made, of course!


Lucky Lucky you! Isn't that funny someone so famous is so unassuming. That is impressive.

Nike Shox TL3

I know so many people who have just had a new addition to their

lives or are still counting down the last few days. There is

nothing better to warm the heart on such a frigid January. I am

so excited for everyone.

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